Ground Rules for Red Team Assessment

What is Red Teaming?

Red Teaming is a multi-layered, complete scope simulation crafted to gauge how well an organization’s employee, applications, physical security controls, and networks can survive a cyber-attack from a real-life challenger. In layman’s terms it is ethical hacking, rather a method for self-sufficient security teams to test how well a company would fare while facing a real attack. Learn more

  1. Information Security and Technology- Phishing, appliances, sensitive data, routers, applications, networks, switches, etc.
  2. People- Business partners, employees, departments, independent contractors, etc.

Different Stages of Red Teaming

Red teaming can be divided into various stages. The most crucial among them is the progression of threat intelligence scenarios and their execution, i.e. the active testing phase.

Here are some ground rules for Red Team Assessment

1) Lucid Goals

  1. Determining blind spots in our ability and readiness to react.


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